About a decade ago, I was inspired (well, you should perhaps be the judge of that) to compose some lyrics appropriate for All Saints Day to be sung to the tune “Jerusalem” by H. H. Parry (we have this in the United Methodist Hymnal under the title “O Day of Peace That Dimly Shines”).  I just came across this sorting through endless stacks of papers and files in preparation for our move.  Only the second of the two verses has a rhyme scheme.  Don’t know what was up with that.  I guess the main thing was fitting Parry’s meter.


As by a veil obscured from sight,

So seem the saints who went before:

While their lives end, their witness remains

As mother lives in heart of child.

Both death and space conspire to divide

The members which in Christ are one,

But God has not left us alone,

Nor have the souls who to God fly.


O what a cloud of witnesses

On ev’ry side, in ev’ry mind,

Beckons us still to persevere

Until God’s peace and rule we find —

And like the cloud that led by day

God’s chosen people to their Land,

So let us follow all these saints

Till we at last among them stand.